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Gaba Branch party - Sunday April 13th!

Gaba's Slap In The Face To Instructors

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General Union Gaba Branch appoints Sexual Harassment Officers


In response to a number of incidents where Gaba instructors had been sexually harassed by clients, the union decided to more

Privacy protection - You don't need to let Gaba staff photograph your ID with their own phone - 23 Apr 2014 - english - Gaba

We like to think that we're all pretty tech savy, security conscious and not easily led. That being said, I know how easy it can be to agree to something that makes you feel a little uneasy, just to a more

Harassing Gaba clients can be blocked - Here is how: - 21 Apr 2014 - english - Gaba

Many instructors are not aware that clients can be blocked, and think that they simply have to put up with bad treatment. This impression leads to problems, particularly in regards to sexual harassmen more

Gaba Branch Organizing Committee - 8 Apr 2014 - english - Gaba

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Privacy protection for Gaba instructors – Protecting personal information - 28 Mar 2014 - english - Gaba

The union had received reports that some Gaba staff have not been following the company’s procedures and protecting instructors' information adequately.

When instructors are required to more

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